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Lunch Box 519: Rolled things


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Rolls and bites I like sushi. So why haven't I made it recently? Wait, there's no point in wallowing in past mistakes, we must look to the future! So, to correct my negligence I made some sushi. I am proactive and a go-getter! Or maybe the inspirational chatter at work is getting to me.

Anyway, here's some futomaki made with egg, crab sticks, shiitake, long beans, and masago. Yep, leftovers sushi. And some boiled spinach that I rolled into balls to make it easier to dip into the container of mayonnaise and eat with chopsticks. (If I'd rolled it into cylinders I could have called it ohitashi. Oh well.) Then there's some marinated, stir-fried tofu which I made with the soy/sugar/shiitake water mix I usually use for simmered shiitake mushrooms. It turned out really good. Finally, there's a miniature purple sweet potato pie that doesn't look purple because the top browns by the time it's cooked. You can see a little of the purple in the cracks, though.

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