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Lunch Box 539: Pink & Purple


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The cornbread is a lie Today I have iridori, light-fried plantains, steamed broccoli, and corn bread. No purple sweet potatoes - but I used purple Idaho potatoes in the iridori. Does the potato madness ever end? I also substituted shirataki for the konnyaku. Since shirataki is just the noodle form of konnyaku, I figured it was a fair substitute. And, actually, I like shirataki better - its smaller cross section allows it to absorb more of the broth's flavor.

Yeah, pink cornbread. I had to drop in some food coloring - well, no, I didn't have to, but I did anyway. And I'm still not posting a recipe, because I wasn't satisfied with this batch either. It tastes OK, but not good enough for me to recommend on my site. Does anyone out there have a good cornbread recipe, one which doesn't involve lots of oil or peppers?

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