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Bento Recipes: Rice with stuff


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Did you know you can mix stuff in your rice? I kid thee not. I've done it myself. Among the mixtures I've used are:

Red bean rice rolls - This is a desserty concoction. Basically, take some cooked rice, make like you're going to roll some sushi, but use red beans as filling. The result is sweet, but not very sweet.

Rice with Cocktail Shrimp - Just frozen cocktail shrimp thawed out and stuck in rice. Easy, quick, and a nice bit of variety.

Rice with Furikake - Furikake is Japanese seasoning made for leftover rice. It comes in all sorts of flavors: curry, wasabi, shrimp, egg, nori, beefsteak plant, and so on. I have several shakers of the stuff in different flavors, and it adds a nice bit of variety.

The how-to for plain ol' rice itself is on the main rice page.