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Fan Art

Yeah, I draw. And I scan. And I have Photoshop. That spells danger right there.

Unless otherwise stated, all artwork on this page is by Kim McFarland. No artwork posted here may be used elsewhere in any form without the permission of the artist.

Those Annoying Trollans

The Babe with The Power

Ain't Dree Elle pretty?

Summer Festival

Based on the idea of a Trollan party day, an occasion on which they can dress like psychedelic parrots and get down with their bad selves. Sort of like Mardi Gras but without the barfing.

Fan Characters

Goofy Stuff

Animated GIFs

He-Manga and The Chibis of The Universe

Collaboration Work

Miscellaneous Oddness

Fanfic Based Art

Pics based on both existing and upcoming stories are on the Fanfic page.

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