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Dragon's Brood

[Adam and Teela set a trapped dragon free.]

Adam: What was that? Oh well, never mind.

[Orko, unable to tell the difference between dragon eggs and juggling balls, hatches out a set of nestlings in the castle. They go berserk nanoseconds after hatching and trash the place.]

Orko: Oops. Oh well.

[Shiny objects attract the suddenly-big dragons. They devastate the marketplace.]

Skeletor: This gives me an idea. Yadda yadda yadda, Grayskull shall be mine!

[Evil-Lyn makes the castle shiny. The suddenly-really-big dragons attack it. Together with the Good Guys, The Bad Guys and their Oriental Dragon, and finally the mother dragon, they bash the top of Castle Grayskull into rubble. After the battle Ram Man takes off his helmet]

Fans: AUUUGH! Put it back on!

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