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Mike Young Productions: Look at these backgrounds! We made them and by God they'll get screen time!

[Using the water of Brigadoon, Man-At-Arms creates the ugliest belt this side of Texas, which zaps Skeletor for acting or thinking evil.]

Skeletor: Yarbles and bolshy great yarblockos to - ARRRRGH!

[Skeletor's minions take turns zapping at Skeletor's groin area. Then Skeletor tries to be nice, Predictably, he fails. He tries to play the same trick on He-Man using an even uglier accessory. Predictably, He-Man's goodness and inner strength and stuff overcome it. Skeletor is about to fall to his death. Predictably, He-Man saves him, and then, predictably, Skeletor turns on him and then runs away.]

Adam: Yeesh, I'm a sucker.

Man-At-Arms: Yes, but you're a good sucker.

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