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Prince Adam No More

Skeletor: Get out of here, Beast Man! You're no longer part of the club!

Beast Man: Grr. I'll show you. I'll suck up so hard you'll have to take me back!

[King Randor chooses He-Man to be his escort on a mission instead of Adam. Adam is actually surprised.]

Sorceress: Gee, kid, tough. Nothing I can do about it.

[Beast Man captures King Randor and takes him to Snake Mountain. They party in the throne room, not suspecting that He-Man might actually come to Randor's rescue. Which is what happens. He-Man is impressed by his father's ability to smash up Skeletor's trash can robots.]

Randor: That was fun! By the way, I love my son.

He-Man: That's nice.

Skeletor: You back already? Clean this place up!

Beast Man: Yay!

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