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The Once and Future Duke

[He-Man saves a boy from a hunger lily that the kid didn't think to just walk away from.]

Boy: Who am I?

Teela: You're David of Abra, and you should be the same age as I am.

David: Who am I?

[Count Marzo, being David's uncle, is naturally plotting to usurp David's rightful position as Duke of Abra. He concocts a byzantine plan involving magic rings and magic water and stuff rather than just offing the kid.]

Count Marzo: David won't remember who he is thanks to the water from the Well of Forgetfulness! Well, unless he finds the Ring of Remembrance. But that's in the Lake of the Lost, and if I mix water from the Well of Forgetfulness with that, they'll have amnesia forever!

[Orko finishes taking notes and flies off to warn He-Man and Teela, who have set off to find the ring. Of course he bellyflops into the Lake of The Lost.]

Orko: Who am I?

[He-Man empties the lake into a convenient holding pond. The ring leaps into his hands because it's made of "memorio," which is magnetically attracted to the Power Sword. Of course. Then He-Man puts the lake back in place, and to avoid disturbing the fish churns the water into a violent waterspout. Marzo makes freezing fog, which momentarily inconveniences the Good Guys. Then he tries to flee, and flops into the Well of Forgetfulness.]

Count Marzo: Who am I?

Teela: Orko, this ring will bring back your memory, even though it's supposed to be gone forever.

Orko: Oh, hiya.

[Teela goes around curing everyone except Marzo of amnesia, then puts the ring on David's finger. David grows into a copy of Adam, but in an even swishier-looking costume.]

He-Man: Kids, try not to drown.

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