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Things That Go Bump in the Night

[Orko effs up King Randor's birthday party, then, feeling bad, wanders off, hijacks the new Stratoblaster, and crashes it into Snake Mountain's junkyard.]

Teela: Orko, you're okay! Hugs!

Skeletor: Clawful, Evil-Lyn, hurt them somehow! And take Prince Glitch with you. He needs training.

Glitch: Er, I'd rather not.

Skeletor: Tough. Move it.

[The Good Guys and Bad Guys fight in the junkyard. He-Man saves the day by using his sword as a baseball bat for power blasts.]

Skeletor: You suck. Walk on a laser beam for my amusement.

[Evil-Lyn and Clawful do it.]

Glitch: This isn't fun anymore! I wanna go home!

Skeletor: Fine. Walk home.

[The Good Guys see Clawful throw Glitch in a junkpile.]

Glitch: I'm a Prince! My father's a King! Take me home!

Teela: Okey-Dokey.

[Orko, who can now fly a ship competently, takes Glitch to Eternos. The little twerp slings attitude. Adam decides to give Glitch some therapy. Turns out he joined Skeletor's warriors to learn to be brave. Skeletor somehow makes the Enchanted Forest attack them. Adam trips and faints, so Glitch cringes his way through the forest to Eternos. Cringer reminds Adam to turn into He-Man. King Sallas attacks Snake Mountain with a rain of stalactites.]

King Sallas: I've come for my son.

Skeletor: King Randor took him.

[King Sallas attacks Eternos. Then Skeltor doublecrosses him. He-Man saves Eternos.]

Skeletor: Fraidy cat! Walk the laser tightrope!

[Glitch does, impressing Skeletor with his bravery and lack of intelligence. Eventually He-Man decides to beat Skeletor, and King Sallas kicks Skeletor out. Then everyone laughs at the thought of having lunch.]

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