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Lunch Box 50: Stir-fry for the lazy


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Different shapes, colors, and texturesAnother day, another walkthrough of the fridge while wishing I had done my grocery shopping. The stir-fried chicken & broccoli is based on a super-simplified version of the stir-fried beef & broccoli, made with chicken & mushrooms & yakisoba sauce because that's what I had on hand. It turned out surprisingly tasty. While cooking that I realized I had nothing to serve with it, and I didn't have the time to make rice or soba because I was making dinner and I was freakin' hungry. So, I took out a half a tofu brick left over from another recipe and made quickie marinated stir-fried tofu. (I skipped the pressing-the-water-out step, and instead of marinating it in soy sauce I went straight to frying it in the stuff. It tasted fine, and actually it was a nice counterpoint to the strong flavoring of the yakisoba sauce.)

The other bits - French bread and ichigo daifuku - were, again, from previously-cooked batches. Hooray for freezers.

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