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Lunch Box 135: Weird craving


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Ooh, symmetrical. One day at work I realized that I wanted Spam musubi. I mean it; I was thinking "Spam on rice wrapped in seaweed, yum!" I was also thinking "Am I out of my mind?" But by the time I went home it hadn't worn off, so I stopped by the grocery store, bought me a can of Spam - thankfully, this time they had smaller cans - and made me some Spam musubi. They were tasty. BTW, this time I made the rice blocks with a musubi press (a thingie that makes Spam-sized rice bricks) I recently bought on eBay. That's one handy little doohickey!

And there's also some obimake enoki, a fancily-arranged green salad, and some strawberries and lychees. I wish I could find lychees that weren't packed in heavy syrup. I haven't seen any fresh ones in the market yet.

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