My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 254: Psychoanalyzing lunch


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Discriminates against ketchup packets Sometimes, when I look at these photos, I think I'm a frustrated flower arranger. Seriously, isn't the exacting placement of that omurice look a little weird when you think about it? The obimake enoki isn't too bad unless you realize that the four pieces echoes the four omurice slices at the bottom. The steamed broccoli bed haloing the top is forgivable. The almond cake is refreshingly messy - but then you come to the fruit salad, which is pathologically organized. Apple and persimmon slices alternate, with the apple slices alternating in orientation, and more apple slices are trapping the longans, which are wondering what kind of nut farm they've wandered into.

This is not only a lunch, it is a cry for help. Well, I have recognized my problem, and I will take the first steps toward solving it be deliberately messing it up when I eat it. I'll squirt ketchup all over the omurice any which way, and I'll eat the apple and persimmon out of sequence! Take that, tyranny of orderliness!

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