My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 513: Wheelie


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No dessert? You can tell when I've just been to one of the local Asian markets, because odd stuff starts appearing in my lunch box. The grilled chicken and cornbread are pretty ordinary, but I have more of my beloved baked purple sweet potato and some curried lotus slices. (I'd parboiled a batch of lotus root at the same time I was cooking up the curry, and I ended up with some extra soupy curry stuff, so I simmered some of the lotus in it.) Encircling it all is some steamed long beans. Those things can be a foot and a half long, and this time I didn't cut them, so eating this lunch will be an adventure. Thankfully I eat lunch in my office with the door closed.

No dessert? Hmph. But when I got to work I found out that there was going to be a meeting of Important People in the conference room. They never eat all the goodies brought in for those meetings, so I can scavenge me some dessert. I'm never too proud to turn down a leftover muffin.

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