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Lunch Box 552: Bits and Bobs


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Bits and bobs Another end of the week, another catch-all lunch!

On the top left I have some omurice. There's two layers, and if you look between the pieces you can see the ketchup I sandwiched in there oh so cleverly. Going clockwise, there's simmered shiitake mushrooms, homemade takoyaki, baked purple sweet potato, some Lotte cookies, and steamed breadfruit.

Have you ever made takoyaki? Once you get the hang of it, it's easy and kind of fun, and if the idea of eating octopus bugs you, you can substitute shrimp. I experimented with this batch by adding a teaspoon of baking powder to the batter. The result was lighter & puffier takoyaki.

I don't know what kind of cookies they are. The brand is Lotte, and they're little hamburger-shaped cookies with a bit of chocolate inside. On the outside of them are little images, including a character that makes me think of a Sanrio-ized Charlie Brown. I've done some Web research and come up with nothing. Gee, wish I'd saved the package. Edit: they're Kancho cookies. Thanks to those who have replied to set me straight!

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