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Web of Evil

[Webstor invades the Adreenid ambrosia storehouse. He eats ambrosia, which makes him BIG and SCARY and COOL and PREGNANT. Then, after playing the mine level of Quake II with some Snake Men, He-Man and Man-At-Arms meet Fisto in a the Star Wars cantina.]

Man-At-Arms: I hate you!

Fisto: I hate you too!

[Webstor, now a new mother, lays lots of eggs, which hatch out mutant baby spiders. Our Heroes battle them, but since they can't actually kill them, they lose the battle and end up under a pile of rock. He-Man, who recently threw an entire tower all the way into the sun, can now barely hold up a few measly tons of rock. Ram Man can't headbutt their way out without causing a collapse, but Fisto can pound his way in safely. Go figure.]

Fisto: Okay, everybody out? Uungh. [keels over theatrically]

Man-At-Arms: My brother...

Fans: They're BROTHERS? Which one is Teela's real uncle then?! Fisto has red hair!

[Four Snake Men defeat and eat the ambrosia-charged spider army effortlessly. The secondhand ambrosia makes the Snake Men POWERFUL, and apparently doesn't kill them either.]

King Hsss's Shadow: Nyaa haa haa! [wiggles arms]

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