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The Huntsman

Leotard-wearing fairies: Baron Grod wants hunt our unicorn. Help!

The Sorceress: There is only one unicorn in existence. Maybe if we just tell Grod he'll give it up.

Teela: Hunting is bad! Grr!

Grod: Like my trophies? They're alive, by the way.

Teela: Grr!

Adam: I'm telling Dad on you!

[Grod sics Gamrak the Ogre on them, thus placing himself firmly in the villains' camp. Teela sets the cave on fire. Everyone run off in random directions.]

Adam: By the power of Grayskull!

[Teela nearly gets herself killed, just in time for He-Man to rescue her, and on Battle Cat they flee from spaceship-riding ogres. Meanwhile, the fairies mildly annoy Grod and his dog and get captured too. Then Grod catches the unicorn.]

Grod: Paralyze the unicorn!

He-Man: Free the unicorn!

[Grod unparalyzes a bird-ape-octopus thing, which attacks He-Man. Then he releases a cat thing, which has the sense to attack Grod. Teela stops it before it can rip his throat out. Grod suddenly realizes that animals don't like being hunted. His heart grows three sizes and he frees all the animals, starting with the unicorn, which is all but extinct anyway.]

Randor: I decree that sport hunting is illegal.

Teela: Yay!

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