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The Energy Beast

[Orko messes with Man-At-Arms's new go-cart, with predictably disastrous results. He stops it by driving it into a wall, then he rips a hole through the He-Man Day draft proclamation. He gets emo, and everyone immediately forgives him. Then part of Mount Eternia falls off, revealing a temple. Adam, Teela, Cringer, and Orko, the most useful team ever, go to investigate. Teela is suddenly an expert in dead languages.]

Teela: It says there's absolute power and magical treasures inside.

Adam & Orko: Let's go!

Teela: First I must translate the rest of the inscription. Bye now.

Skeletor: Whatever is inside must be evil and neat, so I must have it! Mwaahaahaa!

[Orko, still emo and now jealous, goes to the temple and gets sucked inside.]

Teeny-Weeny Energy Beast: Let me go and I'll grant you a wish.

Orko: Okay! I wanna be famous.

Really Big Energy Beast: Sucker. Now I'll rule Eternia! But first, I'm, going to another dimension to level up. Then I'll be back! Are you taking notes?

Beast Man: We're screwed.

Skeletor: No! I'll make up some sorta plan, and then I'll win! Mwaahaahaa!

Sorceress: The Energy Beast was made when our planet was formed, because planet formation is evil. Our ancestors trapped it. Heck if I know how. Go to the Gold Chamber of the Ancients so you can find out.

[Skeletor and his raven, who are for the moment possessed by Ogden Nash, are spying, of course. Skeletor plans to negotiate with the Energy Beast. Meanwhile, Adam, Teela, and Orko drill into the temple with the Roto-Rocket because in Eternia you aren't allowed to investigate a forgotten ancient temple without doing major damage.]

Man-at-Arms: Hurry up. The Energy Beast is back already.

Orko: Check it out, a scary corpselike phantom thing.

The Spirit of The Ancients: Hi. I'm omniscient. Here's a crystal to use on the beast. It's really powerful.

Skeletor: Yoink! Negotiation leverage! Mwaahaahaa!

[He-Man throws Skeletor into the water, a truly decisive victory. Then Orko yoinks the crystal back. He-Man slices the top of a mountain off, revealing a hole all the way to the hot magmous core of the planet. He-Man drops the crystal into the hole, and the Energy Beast jumps after it. It never claimed to be smart, just powerful. And He-Man changes his day to Orko, Teela, Man-at-Arms, and Adam Day, ensuring long-term employment for banner painters throughout the kingdom.]

Teela: All of this was Orko's fault, kids. Don't do stupid things like he does.

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