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New! The ReBoot Complete Series Box Set is Coming!

10/05/2010: If you're like me, you've been wanting to get all four seasons of ReBoot on DVD for years. And for years the rights have been tied up among several different companies, with this one having distribution rights to one season, that one having the rights to another... well, looks like they finally got that all straightened out, because Rainmaker Entertainment and Shout! Factory have announced that in 2011 they will finally put all four seasons of ReBoot on DVD!

Read the full press release on


The Art Of ReBoot is available!

This book is finally available for order over the Web! It's over 100 pages long and full of beautiful images from the series, loads of design drawings, and commentaries by the creators of ReBoot. If you are a ReBoot fan, you are contractually obligated to buy a copy. (And if you order from Amazon - see the little ad at the right - you get a nice discount and are eligible for free shipping. Can't beat that!)

ReBoot limited edition poster!

Beach Studios has created a limited edition ReBoot poster. It's hand-drawn, not CGI, and it looks excellent. Get one before they're gone!


Quote of the Week Contest

The Quote of The Week Contest has been retired as of November 13, 2005. Thank you to everyone who has entered! Though the contest is no longer going, the archive will remain online.

Wanna Win? Click here! has all of the ReBoot DVDs, including Season 4. Season 4 is eligible for free shipping.
Marchant Cards has ReBoot cards from back in 1995.

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